Tuesday, September 6, 2011

rotura / ana haterly. 1979


  1. this beautiful - historic & so nostalgic

  2. Fantastic.
    Ana Hatherly is one of the most interesting Portuguese artists ever (in fact my favourite). She's also a vispoet and writer.
    In the 60's she already did asemics (some of them palimpsests).
    It's easy to guess why she's not well-known... Portuguese vispoets were always seen as second-hand Brazilian.

    The bearded lad in the video is E.M de Melo e Castro, a Portuguese vispoet whose contributions to concrete poetry in the 60's were highly valuable.

    Take a glance:

  3. thanks a lot, Bruno. I'll add your link to the others I'm collecting, about A.H.

    I hope I'll make a post made of such links & infos sooner or later.