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Call for works of Asemic Writing for the exhibit Asemic Tech


Open call for submission of works for a group exhibition exploring asemic writing merged with technology & multimedia.
The exhibition will be at Punt multimedia, in Barcelona Spain, during March of 2017.

*Each artist can submit up to 3 artworks of which 1 may be chosen.  Submissions are  made in digital format.
* The artworks should be at least 1200 px wide on the shorter side, 300 dpi and saved as JPG.
* Deadline: February 16
* Send your best work. There is only room for 25 drawriters in the exhibit.
* A PDF of the show will be made available after the exhibit ends.  
* The exhibition is curated by Michael Jacobson.

Send Submissions to:

merging with a more powerful grey

merging with a more powerful grey
/ Jim Wittenberg

Monday, January 2, 2017

effervescence and unexpected grey

effervescence and unexpected grey
/ Jim Wittenberg

programming with grawlixes #4

here's a copy of Programming with Grawlixes #4 (Grawlixes are the little scribbles and sometimes asemic writings that appear in cartoons when a character runs into an unexpected event).

Programming with Grawlixes#4 takes a closer look at the historical relation between early modernist abstract art and comics with Grawlixes. Takes a first step towards applying game theory to cartoons with Grawlixes. Looks at Brain Functions in relation with Grawlixes. And also includes some pages on the meaning of time in cartoons with Grawlixes. Feel free to comment.