Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Latin U (Unicode 01010101)

Cyrillic с (Unicode 10001000001)

the alfabyte is a deconstruction of the coding process of writing on computers.
it is a series of handmade graphical representations of a selection of Unicode covering most of the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets. it is being executed in dedication to Velimir Chlebnikov and for the love of my light.

if the reddish shape is perceived as being in front of the blueish it’s a zero, otherwise a one. thus the binary code for each letter is formed.

the whole sequence is to be read as a cinematographic (phased) view of the movement made by (one of) the sound(s) that is being coded by the letter, slowed down to execution time (= paint-time), sort of like the flight of a large bird across a vast steppe, taking snapshots each 300 feet.