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Grawlixes and the movies; Earl Hurd, 1917

 Bobby Bumps' Fourth (Earl Hurd, 1917)

Polly wants a cracker, but the expected cracker turns out to be a firecracker.
Grawlixes appear as stars, swirls and censorded (blanked) curses.

A silent film.

Grawlixes like stars and spirals do not replace sound. (see; programming with grawlixes).
Most Grawlixes seem to have disappeared from the movies with the introduction of sound.

therefore it is likely that;

A. Grawlixes must have some relation with language
B. But not with spoken language

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found out they were all there for the singalong

found out they were all there for the singalong
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from a recent message by tim gaze

I consider Asemic 15 to complement other recent publications such as:

The Bleed 0.2 (

Alpha Bet A Test (

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (

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New issue of "Asemic Magazine" (Tim Gaze ed.)

After a long delay, a new edition of Asemic magazine is available, printed on demand in Adelaide, Australia, using environmentally friendly ink & papers. Price: $AU15 + postage. 

To buy:

Contributors: Elynn Alexander, Roberto Altmann, anonymous, Rosaire Appel, Roy Arenella, Roland Barthes, Billy Bob Beamer, Tori Bedford, Volodymyr Bilyk (Володимир Білик), Jeff Crouch, Marc van Elburg, karen eliot, Jesse Ferguson, Tim Gaze, Marco Giovenale, Rob Grant, Janet Hawtin, Christine Huber, Ronald D. Isom, Satu Kaikkonen, Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Евгений В. Харитоновъ), Eduard Kulemin (Эдуард Кулёмин), Sveta Litvak (Света Литвак), Constança Lucas, Serse Luigetti, Billy Mavreas, Willi Melnikov (Вилли Мельников), Andrei Molotiu, Sheila E. Murphy, Moulid Nidouissadan, Fernando Ocampo, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Ruan, Shmuel, Christopher Skinner, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito, Carol Stetser, Morgan Taubert, Miron Tee, Mike Di Tommaso, Troylloyd & Emma Viguier.

A short sample (the first 6 pages) can be viewed here.

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defenestration / Jakub Niedziela, 2014

Throwing signs and dices out of the windows of the paper theatre. VII 2014