Saturday, June 5, 2021

William Kentridge: The Gap of Meaning: Between Clarity and Forgetfulness, A Making Toward

 William Kentridge: Thinking on One's Feet - A Walking Tour of the Studio

How is meaning dependent on memory? How is memory a blockchain of its process?

In this video, William Kentridge explores the flux of making, how the defined becomes undefined, and the undefined becomes defined. 

How does his discussion translate to asemics? Not that this question is necessary, but the answer does provide a kind of map for those willing to make this journey.

The approach Kentridge takes very much follows the Lockean assemblage, the Hegelian Aufhebung, and the Derridean contest of the between. This between, this gap, defines the relationship Kentridge sees, for example, between disassembly and collage as well as other dialectical proxies (between ... and ...) in this process.

And here? For asemics, ... rejects the {} interpretation, and for pansemics, .. accepts {all} interpretation while desemantics makes for a  kind of {directional} Aufhebung

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Asemics | Polysemics versus Obfuscated Code / EZE, 2021

Asemics | Polysemics versus Obfuscated Code

Here are a few links to help you build a map from asemics | polysemics to obfuscated code. The focus in this post is on obfuscated code. 

One potential difference between asemics and obfuscated code is that asemics often vacates meaning while obfuscated code actually serves as code, but it appears as gibberish (as meaningless or as random). 

And one potential difference between polysemics and obfuscated code is that polysemics, rather than vacate meaning, has a non-final meaning because its multiplicity of meanings short circuits conclusion while obfuscated code (as code for esoteric programming languages) that does not appear as gibberish often appears as something other than code, i.e., perhaps, as a recipe for a cake, and yet, actually serves as code.

Asemic | Polysemic

Obfuscated Code

The Art of Code with Dylan Beattie

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Rockstar: How a Song Might Also Be Code

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