Sunday, June 18, 2017

hustle / EZE, 2017

Irma Blank, una dichiarazione

"Salvo la scrittura dall’asservimento al senso: scrittura purificata dal senso. Ritorno al punto zero, lo zero semantico, il vuoto semantico: il silenzio come fonte germinativa."

(Irma Blank)

the whole text is here:

on Irma Blank's work

"The high-strung slender lines of these works remind us of a page of text, but it’s a page in an incomprehensible language. Blank’s practice is crossed by a profound dialectic between writing and drawing, the possibility of saying and the necessity of existing, and alludes to writing, while detaching it from any claim to meaning. It is a sort of writing prior to its encoding in language, an utterly self-referential sign. It makes no sense, but if anything it is pure “sense,” pure sensation transmitted from the hand to the surface, from the body to the work"