Thursday, July 28, 2011

asemic frame

As Frame

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Selections from The Dream Manual

here is a page from the book Selections from THE DREAM MANUAL, by Michael Skrtic & Bill Whitcomb. you can see more information about it at

the Dream Manual is intended to be used to stimulate magickal dreams. (similar to Peter Lamborn Wilson's Shower of Stars.)

apparently the whole Dream Manual cannot be contained in a physical book.

from the back cover:
This is an official publication of the Ministry of Dreams and is intended solely for the use of Ministry of Dreams personnel.

Do not use while operating heavy machinery or near sources of undifferentiated primordial energy.

Michael Skrtic made the collages & wrote the symbols, to accompany an earlier version by Whitcomb which just had words composed using the Burroughs & Gysin cut-up technique.

however, Bill Whitcomb's earlier book The Magician's Companion contains instructions on how to create your own magical alphabets.