Sunday, February 25, 2018

asemic communication; Philip Nixon 2018

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

for Dirk Vekemans, a lyrical funkestra / EZE, 2018

for Dirk Vekemans, candy-colored synap-s / EZE, 2018

teriortory / EZE, 2018

o.t.: lyrical brainwave gignogram / dirk vekemans.2018

dv2018 -LAIS-gignogram

the post is slightly off topic because it only uses asemic technique in an attempt to codify a lyrical movement (brainwave phrase generation schematic) as a structural base just by formalising the writing gestures.

so it is in fact using the asemic practice to build what i would call exo-semes: semantic content for a region beyond words, a field of consistency that overlaps between prosody and 'ordinary' semantic meaning: thus what happens in the brain and what is experienced as a lyrical 'regularity' can be written down and read much more accurately using only visuals, without any words, signs or letters intervening (each 'gignogram' would be unique to the 'lyrics' they encode, so the forms used here only work for one specific brain event).

in order to arrive at this 'gignogram' (diagram of movement) the said brainwave was repeated while asemic writing in a similar fashion as is described here:;
the technique is based on a system of 'double articulation', an idea i picked up from Deleuze and have been exploring since 2008 in a slightly inconsequential way. as you can see it looks a lot like graffiti tags :-)

further experiments are required but if those confirm this early surprising outcome the writing could then perhaps be called 'exosemic'. well, we'll see about that, won't we, but anyway it's odd, but it actually seems to work...

wicked city / EZE, 2018

incisor orbitals / EZE, 2018

asemic communication; Philip Nixon 2018