Asemic Editions _ (by Tim Gaze)

Asemic Front _ (By De Villo Sloan)

Asemic Magazine _ (by Tim Gaze)

Asemic Net _ (edited by Tim Gaze)

Asemic Net @ blogspot _ (edited by Marco Giovenale) (previously,

asemics _ (the asemic tendency in the work of Cecil Touchon)

Avance Publishing _ (by Tim Gaze)

Arturo Carmassi

compostxt _ (edited by Roberto Cavallera)

Guy de Cointet

differx _ (edited by Marco Giovenale)

Difficili Foglie _ (edited by Michele Marinelli)

du-champ _ (set by Marco Giovenale)

Victor Ekpuk

eloquent graphism _ (edited by Lisa Travers)

tag "escritura asémica" _liquidocomoeltiempo

the Euclidean Fly (edited by Marc van Lburg)

exp-net _ (edited by Marco Giovenale & others) (previously,

Infable _ (edited by John Moore Williams)

installance _ (edited by Marco Giovenale)

Michael Jacobson's studio @ ArtSlant:

Jose Parla:

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's page:

Legible Drawings _ (edited by Daniele Bellomi)

Matox (Nuno De Matos):

monitulipare _ (edited by Tommasina Squadrito)

Mycelium project

Mynd Eraser _ (edited by Michael Jacobson)

Bruno Neiva

officina patosq _ (edited by Tommasina Squadrito)

slowforward _ (edited by Marco Giovenale)

The New Postliterate _ (edited by Michael Jacobson)

The post-literate (r)evolution _ (edited by Michael Jacobson)

recognitiones _ (edited by Riccardo Cavallo)

Site Rappel _ (edited by Rosaire Appel)

Antoni Tàpies

textimagepoem _ (edited by Jim Leftwich)

Lisa Travers:

wee image _ (edited by Marco Giovenale) (previously,

Xexoxial Editions _ (run by mIEKAL aND)

X/Y/Z (edited by Fátima Queiroz)

yesway _ (edited by Billy Mavreas)

Wenda Gu

Ulfert Wilke [1907-1987]

Ekaterina Zarkh

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