Monday, July 30, 2012

Ran dumb Lee; dumping chunks of vital war guns

 Notepad glitch;
 Randomly dumping big chuncks of code.

noise vs glitch  
Wordpad glitch;
  code poluted with surplus of untranslated code.

 datamosh animated GIF 2  
Datamosh ([deleted]HEX strings );
 Systematically removing vital organs/ key frames.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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Asemic 5

Asemic 4

Asemic 3

Asemic 2.1

Asemic 1

Asemic ~ 1 [the very first issue]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Downhill Asemics; madness on the continuum

 Kurt Schwitters, step by step removes all syntactic structure from the text.

 Kurt Schwitters to the Swiss Dadaist Arp. Blackberries (2)

belivered pra! 
 first I say why?
 why does one use upper case and lower case? i use only lower case. then I say why? why does one punctuate i write everything without punctuationthen i ask why why does one use umlauts i won't be straight diacritical henceforth i will write zurich ful- fills seclusion personal carryover and then i remember the old phrase from mathematics namely that it does not matter in which order i add respect multiply and now i write vole instead of love because love needs voles to love voles and finally now will  giveup the or derofwordsamongthemselvesbywritingonlyo
egiantwordorwhilemorewrotitsoladinorthographyisnaturallyunimportantandsenseigiveupinfavorofnonsenseandthustheitsheklmnopqrsutabelgikemaminopetroleumplaguekakrrkrrksrsto-pitonobilamenteyakkaanteelinguekitonpausbacrocodilemmadiemadilemma *)

*)Here the typographer went stark raving mad and threatened a general strike,  should he be forced to set any more Kuhgewitter (Cowweather).
(from; Pppppp: Kurt Schwitters Poems, Performance, Pieces, Proses, Plays, Poetics )

Charles Crumb removes all distinguishability between letters and reduces punctuation.

A next logical step towards total insanity might be  to remove spacing and expression, reducing the text to a line-based grid
 __________  __________
 ______  ______________
 ___________________  _

However I'd say the real difference between Crumb and Schwitters here is that Schwitters is frisky jumping up and down the continuum whereas Crumb is forever glued to a fixed point.

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