Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Programming with Grawlixes

Hello all;
Here's my new zine.

Grawlixes; also known as @#!!%, or %$#?@!!, Emanata, Obscenicons or Symbol-swearing pop up in cartoons when a character is expressing frustration, agitation or anger.
There are many contradictions surrounding Grawlixes; they are used to replace profanities to escape censorship laws, but they are also used in countries where censorship or taboo are not an issue.
Not only do they appear where a character curses, but the same shapes appear when someone is sick, feels pain, dizziness confusion and many other occasions.
This zine will clarify some of the confusion and show what Grawlixes are and when and how they come to be.

The relation between Grawlixes and Asemic writing is evident in the Obstensibly Obliterated epithets.

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