Monday, February 22, 2016

[ ]plays RAW

[ ]plays RAW is a virtual exhibition that shows a selection of works of eight international artists.

It presents a series of abstract works that indicate different levels of mediation, executive control, automation and systematics.
From fully computer-generated linedrawings to more or less arbitrary marks,
asemic writing and organized glitch.
Tim Gaze.
Jokks Mulder. ?
Jonathan McCabe.
Greg Gorlen.
Eric W. Mast.
François Van Damme.
Dennis Gunsing/HP BK.


the exhibition will run till at least end of april.

Vector & Golf is an augmented artspace.
To visit the exhibition;
print or order a copy of the zine,
download the aurasma app and subscribe to channel vector&golf.
1.print from pdf
2.I will trade printed copy for zines, contact vectorengolfzine(at) is also possible to view the augmented gallery without printing it, straight from the screen, for example through the issuu page

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