Wednesday, May 16, 2018

push down&turn, chapman, 2018

The select drawings from PushDown&Turn 2018 are stamped with the lid of a child proof bottle. The background is a vivid, very un-subtle, camouflage design detail because consumerism is a battleground. It is overwritten in asemic writing. So what’s the message?
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asemic zines exhibition Arnhem

here are some pictures of the current asemic zines exhibition at the zinelibrary in Arnhem the Netherlands. (
The show runs until the end of this month.
Thanks to all contributors!

posters of some of the parasitic action of philip nixon on this blog

Tim Gaze

Sunday, April 8, 2018

4 asemic emblemata - Dirk Vekemans.2018

//some concrete walls writing themselves off into the wind

//high end comprehension

//hand attempting to write itself in the rain

//tree deluge song

gol / EZE, 2018