Monday, August 15, 2011

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  1. Hi there!

    The first link is broken.
    Fortunately, I dare say.

  2. ok I fixed the problem right now.
    (sorry I've been with no web connection for 24hrs and couldn't make any change since now).


  3. I'm glad you're the host SH. I miss IUOMA's talk shows. How are things going there? Still breaking boundaries?

  4. bruno,

    i found out DVS had been fucking around with me through his usual self and an alias Dark Wall, which combined with going through the grief of my son's death near to his birthday really tore me apart emotionally.
    that was the drive behind this piece, actually.
    (and also the others on my page from last week and quite a few more i didn't document)

    it's all that emotions scribbled out in asemics!!!

    last week, i left IUOMA, then came back for gabriel's birthday to post a tribute blog for gabriel.

    now i'm just trying to focus more on the art and the community, and less on the high brow crap.

    i did just get an invite to google+ today, and i've been trying to collect email addresses of everyone i exchange with. i'm hoping that might be a little better place for avoiding childish games. you can just drop people who are assholes and don't have to see all their posts. ;-D

    my email is moomoosuperhero [at] gmail [dot] com
    i'd be happy to send you some of my new asemics and zombiesemics if you want them!
    (anyone else is also welcome to drop me a line!)

  5. but yes, still pushing boundaries and making people uneasy. ;-D