Sunday, September 23, 2012


  • throat sounds 
  • sound poetry
  • scat singing
  • pseudo language 
  • idioglossia
  • speaking in tongues
  • word -salad
  • coherent speech 

Yamatsuka Eye and hanatarash

scat al jarreau

idioglossia, twin talk
Probably everybody has seen this but it's an example that shows the continuum in action in that they imitate conversation before they know the words.

One question about the continuum concept  that comes to mind is when one looks at artists that produce  throatsounds like Eye,(or like asemic scribbles)  is wether they are tapping into a state that they acquired as a kid,
 or did they learn a new state by  for instance looking and imitating kids or animals.
In the latter case shouldn't they be positioned after coherent speech ?
If they are put before coherent speech it implies idealizing an earlier state of development, or a rejection of coherent language, instead of an addition  to coherent language.
Maybe insert a 'post linguistic grunt' position.

Another one is the position of word-salad.
Put after pseudo language the acquired syntax has suddenly disappeard,
but positioned before pseudo language it's the vocabulary that disappears in the next step.

Francis E Dec. somewhere between wordsalad and coherent speech.

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