Friday, September 21, 2012


-Contiguous to the asemic continuum, (and hopefully not too far off the asemic grid)

a  continuum of  asemic speech. 'talk without words'

(listening to michael jacobson's mynd eraser)

>throat sounds>>>sound poetry>>>pseudo language>>>speaking in tongues>>>word -salad>>

some offhand examples

Ziggy Atem.
I first saw this about 10 years ago on a japanese VHS. (AUGEN)
The show included a transvestite dancer dancing dramatically around Ziggy Atem who was making some kind of proclamation in his own language. Very alien and obscure.

(throat sounds) id M Theft Able (Portland U.S.)
Around since late 90's, I have some his earlier stuff, very personal intimate sounds and dadaistic utterances.

Jaap Blonk (sound poetry, pseudo language and throat sounds)
mindboggling voice acrobatics, lots of great stuff on youtube.

Kurt Schwitters
The Ursonate, sound poetry from 1922

Speaking in tongues, great performance by a young christian dadaist

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