Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  • reflexes
  • babbling
  • coherent speech
  • primal scream
  • throat sounds 
  • word -salad
  • speaking in tongues 
  • idioglossia 
  • pseudo language  
  • scat singing
  • sound poetry
I have now placed  most of the continuum after coherent speech because I think that most examples do not represent language acquisition but language control.
I thought this time I'd start with a primal scream right after coherent speech, like a teenage angst; (speaking the language perfectly but only technical, so the expressive part is like an amorph emotional burp).
 The continuum now represents the increase of voluntary control.
I've positioned word salad earlier than before because it represents also a lack of control, only not the emotional/ intuitive but the technical/ executive.

 Mike Patton (moonchild)
the 'primal sceaming' in combination with the music stand is interestingly strange.
 I think because it hints at the difference between how musicians and nonmusicians express emotions in music.
Since 'split-brain patients' roughly showed the right side of the brain to be holistic and intuitive and the left analytic or logical it would be reasonable to assume that skilled musicians show greater activity in the right brain.
But the opposite is true. " Melodies are composed of an ordered series of pitches, and hence should be processed by the left hemisphere rather than the right" 

Language acquisition
Speechome Project: A Time-Lapse of a Child Acquiring the Word "Ball"
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Signal and timing; Harpo Marx

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